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Ackermed Manual Wheelchairs Available In-Store & On-line

Ackermed 18 inch Aluminium light weight wheelchair

It is a entry level light weight aluminium foldable wheelchair with fixed arm and footrests intended..

R2,399.00 Ex Tax: R2,086.09

Ackermed 18 inch Standard Steel Wheelchair Black

It is a entry level, low cost wheelchair with fixed arm & footrests intended for day to day gene..

R1,999.00 Ex Tax: R1,738.26

Ackermed 18 inch Steel Wheelchair with Removable Foot & Arm rests

It is a entry level low cost foldable wheelchair with Removable arm & footrests intended for nor..

R2,199.00 Ex Tax: R1,912.17

Ackermed 20inch/50cm Heavy Duty Wheelchair

It is a foldable heavy duty wheelchair with removable foot and arm rests that can accommodate a pati..

R2,999.00 Ex Tax: R2,607.83

Ackermed Deluxe 46cm Light Weight Aluminium Wheelchair

It is our lightest and most compact aluminium foldable wheelchair for patients weighing less than 10..

R2,499.00 Ex Tax: R2,173.04

Ackermed Full Reclining Wheelchair 18 inch


R3,699.00 Ex Tax: R3,216.52

Ackermed Heavy Duty Extra wide foldable wheelchair (In-Store)

Ackermed Heavy Duty Extra Wide WheelchairRemovable Foot and Armrests Available online & in-..

R3,999.00 Ex Tax: R3,477.39

Ackermed 14 inch Foldable Childrens Wheelchair

It is a entry level steel foldable wheelchair for children intended for day to day use..

R2,499.00 Ex Tax: R2,173.04

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