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Oxygen Accessories

Ackermed Bull Nose Regulator

Oxygen regulator to fit bull nose type oxygen cylinders..

R999.99 Ex Tax: R869.56

Ackermed Pin Index Regulator

Pin Index regulator to fit pin index type oxygen cylinders..

R999.99 Ex Tax: R869.56

Ackermed 15 meter Oxygen tubing extension

A 15m oxygen tube extension for home oxygen concentrators ..

R65.00 Ex Tax: R56.52

Ackermed Nasal Canula

Nasal canula for oxygen therapy..

R24.99 Ex Tax: R21.73

Ackermed Nebuliser Mask

Nebuliser mask with tubing in both adult and paediatric sizes for use with nebuliser machines or wit..

R24.95 Ex Tax: R21.70

Ackermed Oxygen Mask

Oxygen mask in both adult or paediatric sizes for oxygen therapy administration..

R24.95 Ex Tax: R21.70

Cpap Oxygen Port Connector

Allows a Cpap user to supplement with medical oxygen via a nasal cannula connection from an oxygen s..

R143.99 Ex Tax: R125.21

Oxygen tube swivel connector

This is a swivel connector to connect 2 oxygen tubes typically when using the oxygen tube extension ..

R19.99 Ex Tax: R17.38

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