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Fisher & Paykel Filter for Icon Cpap Machine

A single filter for the Fisher & Paykel Icon Cpap machine..

R79.95 Ex Tax: R69.52

Fisher & Paykel HC365S Water Chamber

Replacement water chamber for the older version sleep style Cpap devices ..

R247.15 Ex Tax: R214.91

Fisher & Paykel Icon Cpap Replacement Lid

This is a replacement lid for the Icon Cpap device..

R958.25 Ex Tax: R833.26

Fisher & Paykel Icon Cpap Water Chamber

Replacement water chamber for the FISHER & PAYKEL Icon Cpap device..

R1,299.00 Ex Tax: R1,129.57

Fisher & Paykel Silicone & Foam seal for Flexifit 405 & Aclaim mask

This is the replacement silicone seal and foam size large for the older discontinued Flexifit 405 ma..

R512.99 Ex Tax: R446.08

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